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Comments from a few of my student's:

"Michelle, Just had to share, thanks to the great lesson, I'm getting back the confidence I lost. Seeing and feeling great results on all we covered. I beat my best score by 6 and 10 better than my average."
Joan Fontaine Vasconcellos

"Michelle, I want to confess that before meeting you I thought that I would never be able to hit a ball right and that golf is not for me at all. I got extremely excited about playing golf after the first hour we spent together and all because of your fantastic teaching methods.
Thank you for showing me how amazing golf can be and for helping me learn to play, it was the highlight of my vacation."
Monica Telinoiu

"I thought you would like some feedback on how my first round went after a layoff of several months. Driver was the biggest improvement - Erased the fade. Not one fade or slice all day. The driver was either a very slight draw or virtually straight. I crushed a couple of 3 hybrids out of the rough AND I parred 3 of the par 3's.
So for only one lesson, I am absolutely thrilled with the progress, THANKS!"
Doug Graham

"I want to thank you for helping me take a massive step in my golf game. For years I had been a high 80s to mid 90s golfer. No matter what I tried, it seemed that although I could hit some shots as good as anyone, my consistency was horrible, and I'd always record a couple of doubles and a triple in every round.

After just 3 shared lessons you conducted with my wife and I, the whole game has changed for me. You were able to identify and communicate 3 basic flaws in my swing and you gave me the guidance I needed to execute on the changes and take them from the range to the course.

The results are insane. I have transitioned from random shot shape to a consistent draw, I have added at least 30 yards to my drives, and my irons are totally consistent like throwing darts. The impetus for me to write this was my last round. I shot a 77, and frankly felt that I could have done even better.

All I can say is thank you and WOW!"

Jeff Bieller

"Hi Michelle, You're good!! I had a really good range session today. I used the drills you gave me yesterday as well as every bit of information/advice we talked about. I saw immediate improvement and struck the ball really well. Thanks for all of the help."
Caesar Ilog

"Hi Michelle, I played 9 holes yesterday with my new swing. I hit my irons and woods straight! No more pulling to the left! I will keep practicing and schedule another lesson with you soon! I'm feeling better with my game now, thanks for the great lesson."
Lisa Apel

"Hi Michelle, I want to thank you for the 3 great group lessons. You provided me some wonderful tools to help improve my game. I am really looking forward to playing more to use the tips, but more importantly work on using them at the driving range and putting practice. The use of the visual and putting tools that you provided were awesome!"
Randi Munsey

"Michelle, I can't tell you how much your tip to swing down the first base line changed my game for the better. I've been shooting 87,88,89 versus Mid 90's. Also, I've only hit one or two shots a round fat versus 8-10. Standing closer and watching my swing on video was amazing. The next lesson I'd like to work on putting!"
Pete McGinnis

"Michelle, I dropped 8 strokes off what I usually shoot on the back 9 at Shorecliffs, and didn't lose any balls, unheard of at "The Ditch". Thanks!"
Tim Michaelson

"Michelle, I played 11 holes today on the North course at Coto. I gained 30-40 yards on most of my drives... you're AWESOME!! I also cleared the water on the first par 3, landing on the green; FIRST time I have ever cleared the water on that hole! It was so MUCH FUN!!
Thanks so much, see you Friday!"

Chris Kallenbaugh

"Michelle, I just wanted to thank you for such a great lesson on Sunday. Our focus on hitting my irons and the adjustments we discussed really helped in my scramble tournament Monday. In fact, there was one shot where I hit a 3 iron from 225 yards off the fairway, over water, and within 10 feet of the pin and we ended up getting an eagle on a par 5. I really was able to play with much better control and confidence. Thanks again!"
Azeem Dhalla

"Michelle, Our last lesson was a hit. Since we flattened my backswing I have been hitting the ball with consistency. Today at Green River #2 186 yards with a 4 iron, hole in one. Thanks again!"
Darren Purcell

"I just wanted you to know that although Connor did not place in his tournament yesterday, he did great! He set a personal goal to shoot in the 80's (last tourney he shot in the 90's) and he met his goal- he shot an 86!!

His confidence was way up and his mental game was improved. He hung in there and only fell apart on a few holes. Thanks for your instruction- we see it paying off!."

Sarah Lowey

"I started working with Michelle in July, my index was a 6.4, I had been between 6.0 and 7.0 for over a year but to this point was unable to lower my index below 6. After 3 lessons I was able to shoot my first sub-par round 71 at Tijeras Creek followed by a 74 and 72.

I also qualified for the Team Tijeras - OB Sports National Team, where I won my flight on Sunday. My index for October is an all time low 5.5, and I am trending to a 4.8 for November. Thanks Michelle!."

Ron Bloes,
Business Improvement Manager
Six Sigma/Lean Master

"Hi Michelle - Just wanted you to know what a terrific lesson the boys had with you yesterday. They went out today, determined to do what they learned from you and had some of their best results ever. Steven shot a 76 from the white tees. His two prior rounds were both 84's. Brayden shot an 84 from the green tees. His two prior rounds were 95 and 96. They said they did everything you wrote down for them to do at the lesson. What a big difference! Thanks!."
Mark, Steven, and Brayden

"My husband, an experienced golfer, gave me a gift of golf lessons from Michelle and I'm amazed at how quickly and easily I'm learning. In just 4 lessons, Michelle took me from a "never-played-before-novice" to scoring par on the 9th hole of my first par - 3 game. Her practice exercises help me quickly learn proper technique without becoming overwhelmed by too many details - an exciting combination that builds my confidence and makes golf fun.

I highly recommend Michelle. As an educational administrator, I believe her ability to quickly assess and teach to an individual's learning style undoubtedly puts her in the top tier of all teaching professionals I know."

Jenell Hollett
President of a non-profit medical education company

"Rachel and I played nine-holes today. I felt like I made a "golf break-through" since I took up the game last May. I incorporated your set-up advice of a little less upright shaft position, and I did not hit single "fat shots" during the round for the very first time. I'm really, really happy about that!! I just wanted to thank you for picking that up during my lesson today and share this happy progress with you."
Jim Wohn,esq.
WYS & Associates, LLC

"I wanted to thank you for my lesson on Tuesday. Dave and I played 9 holes last night at the Lake Forest Center and the strategy for lining up my ball for aiming worked excellent! I also wanted you to know I used your club strategy using my 7 iron and laying the ball up rather than shooting for the green with my 5 wood and pared the water hole I usually triple bogey. I had my best round ever, 1 birdie and 3 pars…yeah! I really appreciate you working with me and having patience with me as I learn the game. Can’t wait to play again this weekend in Palm Springs; thanks for being such an excellent instructor! See you next Tuesday!"
Georgette Cutler

"I just wanted to say thanks and tell you how awesome you are. I have a friend at work that I play with all the time, he was a 4 handicap last year, this year he is not keeping an official handicap, but I figure he is playing to about a six. We have been playing golf together for about 3 years, and I have never beat him, I have come close, but no cigar, on Wed. I finally put it together with my new swing and I took him down, Thanks."
Mark Valdivia

"To say that my golf game needed work would be the understatement of the year. I was very frustrated with my game; everything I tried on my own just didn't work. I stopped going to the driving range - why practice bad habits. I decided to try a teaching pro - I wanted someone who could cut through the generic rules and regulations of the "proper swing" and tailor the instruction to my specific problems.

I found Michelle after picking up one of her brochures at Tijeras Creek. I went to her website and watched a training video. I was impressed with the clarity of the instruction.

I was more impressed after my first lesson - within just a few minutes Michelle had pinpointed problems with my swing. Using the swing analyst computer she was able to show me exactly what the problem was. By the end of the first lesson I was hitting the ball better than ever before.

Using Michelle's easy to follow drills I am now going to the driving range again and my game is improving. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who would like to keep it simple and yet very effective."

Tom Pavone

"I have yet to meet a golfer who did not want more distance and club head speed with their golf swing. I, too, am in that category. So much so, that I recently went searching on the web for any information I could find that would enable me to gain both.

A simple click of the mouse not only gave to me just additional information, but to a highly qualified LPGA Professional Golf Instructor whose methods of teaching have now led to a literal golf transformation through my daily workouts, my practice time, and being able to take it to the course.

Michelle Dube' Golf Swing Drills are a must for any golfer who is serious about taking their game to the next level. The principles taught and the drills demonstrated are in layman's terms. Within minutes you can start moving towards becoming the more complete golfer you have always dreamed about.

Whatever you do, be sure and add Michelle Dube's Golf Swing Drills to your library today!"

Mark Howard
Golf Student, Tennessee
"I had my first lesson with Michelle Dube'on Tuesday. After five minutes of viewing the instant video of my swing, my swing flaw was obvious. Michelle set up a practice drill to correct the flaw and by the end of the hour there was already improvement.

I practiced the drill twice during the week at the range, and added another 500 practice swings at home using the same drill set-up. On Saturday I played my regular weekly round. I shot five strokes better than my current index and tied my best round for that course. More importantly, the swing flaw I had just five days ago was no where to be seen and my shots were very accurate.

Michelle's ability to quickly see, explain and fix your problem is simply amazing! Her state-of-the-art instant video system reduces correction time dramatically. Her instruction skills are simply the best!"

Steve Slavin
Rancho Santa Margarita
"My golf game went into a downward spiral this spring and early summer. I was so desperate for help one evening that I started punching "key words" into my computer and, in doing so, discovered your web site. Your video tips and drills are fantastic. I love the fact that they are all so positive, short and simple.

The game of golf is always about going back to basics when the wheels fall off! I have watched the videos countless times and am getting back on track. Your website is now on my "favorites" list. Many, many thanks."

L. Clark
"I had my first opportunity to play a regular 18 hole course yesterday at Anaheim Hills, and the improvement was amazing. While I am usually last in our foursome, I led with 43-48, unheard of for me. And I can clearly see middle or high eighties next Thursday. This after not playing for over six months!

After thinking back on your instruction, as well as a review of the suggestion sheets you gave me, I realize that your lessons, unlike too many, provide help, criticism, and tips THAT ONE CAN TAKE TO THE GOLF COURSE.

Thanks for your excellent lessons."

Sid Anderson

"Michelle, I want to let you know the bunker lesson you gave me last Sunday really paid off this past Saturday. I was playing the first hole on the Ridge Course at Aliso Viejo and I hit my second shot into the left green side bunker like I had done so many times before. However, this time rather than getting an 8 like I usually do, I hit the ball out of the bunker the first time with the ball stopping less than 18 inches from the hole. The pin was in the middle of the green, about 30-40 feet away."
Mike Traynham
CT Realty Corporation
"I would like to highly recommend Michelle Dube' to anyone who wants to improve their golf game.

I had given up on golf about five years ago after many years of do-it-myself golfing that usually resulted in frustration and scores in the 100's. I decided to take up the game again and went to the range only to find that I could hit not better than before. I picked up Michelle's brochure figured I'd see if she could get me started on the right path. That's exactly what she did. Using her high tech video system and her great teaching skills, she corrected my swing in about 30 minutes and I was consistently striking the ball better than I ever had in my life.

I can't wait to finish up the remaining three lessons I purchased and get out onto the course again. I know I'm going to play better than ever thanks to Michelle."

David Gollom
"After yesterday's lesson we played the executive golf course at Casta Del Sol. Katherine hit longer than she ever has before and knocked a 50 yard pitch a foot from the pin.

After my glorious 10 minutes of lessons where you had me "stay connected" and not let my wrist sloppily overhinge, I tried my new driver for the first time on a course. I'm happy to report that in using it 4 times during the round, I hit the fairway in EVERY ONE of my drives! One drive (albeit from an elevated tee box and with the fairways pretty hard) actually went 270 yards. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

I'm foaming at the mouth thinking of playing my first long course next weekend. I just wanted to let you know that Sunday's lesson made golf extremely enjoyable for both Katherine and myself. Take care, and we look forward to seeing you again soon."

Creighton B. Uyechi,
Pacific Capital Group
"I was so impressed with Michelle's instruction with my son Marc that I asked her to take a look at me over the Driver. I'm a scratch golfer that can usually work through anything, however this time it had gone on for a couple months. I knew I needed help, Michelle had me re-dialed in about 10 minutes and back on target. I know it worked since I went out and shot a 66 (course record) at Tijeras Creek the next day. The very next day! Thanks Michelle there's magic in your work."
Leigh Cook,
Priority Office Furniture
"Your expert instruction and ability to relate to all levels of golfers has assisted our program tremendously. Every player under your instruction this summer has learned something new and has had a great time doing it.

What amazed me the most was your ability to give special attention to each player in the group, even when you had up to 24 students under your instruction at one time."

Amy Abts,
Girls Golf Coach,
Santa Margarita Catholic High School
"I am privileged to recommend Michelle. Her ability to spot and correct set-up and swing flaws--in my first 30 minutes--was remarkable. Her communication is right on target, and she offers a wealth of insight within her teaching methods. I guarantee she will provide the tools to improve all aspects of your game."
Ron Jones,
Vice President,
Big 5 Corp
"Growing up I was a student of the game and participated on the high school golf team. After a 20 year dormant period I got re-interested in the game 3 years ago and started practicing on my own mostly at the Tijeras Creek facility. Watching at a distance how Michelle handled various students with different skill levels I was impressed and I finally decided to have a lesson with Michelle about 6 months ago.

We covered a lot of ground in an hour and Michelle made accurate observations which she communicated clearly. The results made me realize how much more effective my own practice sessions could be when complemented by lessons with Michelle."

Bruce Falls,
Director of Advanced Vehicle Concept Center,
Quantum Technologies
"As a cyclist, I have worked with a number of coaches who specialize in various fields. Michelle, I want you to know you rank among the best! You have thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing and the ability to communicate that knowledge in a simple and effective manner.

I love that you are innovative rather than routine in your teaching methods. Your chipping techniques have helped me produce a more solid consistent chip. And what's totally awesome is that I've learned how to two putt on a regular basis.

Thanks to you I'm now shooting lower golf scores. My next goal is to drive longer and straighter - with you leading the way I know we'll take my game to the next level."

Connie Paraskevin, Motivational Speaker,
Olympic medalist and World Champion cyclist
"As a single digit handicapper for over thirty years I have benefited from lessons from several outstanding teaching professionals. Michelle Dube' is one of those professionals. Her ability to observe a golfers swing, discern the issues, and then provide drills to get the golfer to "feel" the correct fix, is exceptional."
Tom Dimas, Commercial
"Thanks to you, I'm now hitting with loose hands and a balanced swing -- actually better than ten years ago, and have recorded drives over 300 yards -- not on the driving range, but during a competitive round!

I've never had a lob wedge before, and am still working at mastering it, but am hitting good shots at the rate of about 75%. Your teaching me how to hit 40 yard, 50 yard, and 60 yard shots was so simple to learn. This is something I had never been taught before, and the guys I play with are always amazed that after I walk off the distance, I can hit the short shot seven out of ten times close to the hole.

Thanks again for your patient encouragement, and super golf lessons."

Bob Carlson, President,
Hi-Tech Search Consultants
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